A Quick Introduction to the Recurve Crossbow

Uncategorized / Sunday, October 21st, 2018
Crossbows are turning to be the next popular weapon of choice when it comes to hunting due to its features that are easy to use for hunting newbies and its accuracy. The recurve crossbow is one of the most popular crossbows in the market these days. This article will give you a quick background on the recurve brow and give you an idea as to why most hunters prefer to choose this type of crossbow:



The ancient recurve bow

“Recurve” refers to the small curves found at the bow’s ends that points away from the shooter. The curves actually acts as a lock and strain for the string so that it will not flick out of the bow once an arrow is fired. The design is patterned from the ancient recurve longbow. If you are more curious about best crossbow then you can learn more about it on strongnia.

This crossbow has been around for centuries, particularly in Greece, Egypt, and China. It was found that archers from ancient times prefer the recurve bows because they were shorter compared to the straight bows and it was easier to shoot while they were riding horses or on the move. The design concept was made by shortening the recurve longbow and mounting the bow on steadier handles with triggers and locks.

The modern recurve crossbow

Today, modern recurve crossbows are mainly used for hunting and target shooting sports. The recurve design is still maintained but it comes now with more features such as cocks, scopes, sights, and stabilization. The modern recurve crossbow are now made of wood, magnesium alloy, aluminum, and carbon fiber.

Hunting benefits

The recurve crossbow is a louder model than the compound crossbow because of it length which is the reason why hunters should be experienced enough to be able to hit the prey with just one shot. Although loud, the recurve crossbow has more power and speed compared to other models. It is also able to shoot from a long distance with an impressive projectile acceleration.

All in all, if you are looking for a crossbow with a great aesthetic design but also powerful enough to assure a one-shot kill, the recurve crossbow is the best choice for you.